Gallery: Powder Ridge

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Powder Ridge - front of housePerched atop a mountain on one of the steepest roads we’ve seen in Western NC, is the Powder Ridge house. Although it is a new home, the owner was ready to make an addition and some significant changes to the outdoor space and landscaping.

The indoor project was to take empty outdoor space below a second-floor office and make it into a basement addition.

Powder Ridge project - wall from aboveThe outdoor project included adding a flagstone patio and a network of rock walls and a flagstone staircase down an extremely steep slope behind the house to a fire-pit area. Building a roof under the existing deck and office for the addition seemed easy compared to building rock walls to contain a very steep slope and incorporating the owner’s request of an easy-to-navigate stair system into the mix.


finished rock wallThe finished product has given the family a beautiful new indoor space making a portal to the lovely mountain view on the back side of the house, as well as a landscape-enhancing garden area contained in the rock walls on the lower side of the property.

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finished bookshelf finished addition interior before and afterFinished addition