Gallery: Richmond Hill 2

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Richmond Hill ProjectJust down the street from the first Richmond Hill house, another couple with the same three-bedroom one-bath floor plan asked us to build an addition to their home. In this case, it was a couple getting married and combining two households into one. They needed to add living space and a bathroom, and wanted to expand two small bedrooms into one master suite.

Breakfast barThey also wanted to add a new back deck to connect the new addition to the existing lower deck behind the house. The carport was enclosed, turning it into a spacious and light-filled den. Walls were removed between the kitchen, the new den, and the old living room (now the dining room) to make an open space filled with natural light perfect for a family of two plus their visiting children and grandchildren.

KitchenThe expanded master bedroom gave them 360 square feet, almost doubling the size of the old master. Adding a half bath allowed them to use the older existing bathroom as the private bath for the master suite.

Finally, the new deck added a beautiful space just off the kitchen and overlooking the woods - perfect for outdoor entertaining and relaxing.

Transformation photos